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Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby an independent, neutral Mediator(s) assists the parties to come to agreement through a collaborative process. The Mediator’s role is non-judgemental and non-directive. The Mediator is neither judge nor arbitrator and does not adjudicate or give decisions on the rights or wrongs of the actions of the parties. The Mediator supports the parties in identifying their issues and needs and in exploring how those needs can be addressed and how they might come to agreement. (MII Definition of Mediation). .

Interpersonal mediation within business

We offer specialist skills to manage the often complex interpersonal relationships within organisations. Recognising and resolving these issue maintains the energy and motivation of the team and protects the structures and business development. As an independent and impartial facilitator to the discussions the we engage the parties and often find information is disclosed that is frequently withheld when company representatives are involved in the process. Any agreements made are confidential and binding and are only disclosed upon agreement from the parties involved. A report as to whether agreement or not was reached will be provided. Read more information on workplace mediation.

Business to Customer Relationships

Often, and regrettably in business, receiving payments from customers can be a difficult process. There are conflicts which arise in these situations and repeatedly the reasons for non payment do not become clear. There is an obvious legal resolution, however, what we offer is an alternative exploration of the issues causing the outstanding payments and allow the parties to control the outcome. We facilitate an agreement which aims to resolve the issues and maintain the business relationship in the B2B and B2C environment. Read more on commercial mediation.


"We have recommended Tom Murray as a mediator in commercial matters on a number of occasions and have been consistently impressed with the results he achieves. Mediation is an often overlooked form of resolution for disputes that would otherwise end up in court. Tom has managed to bring resolution to seemingly intractable disputes without the cost or emotional trauma involved in going to court".

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