Goals Define Behaviour

Negotiations can be high intensity situations, where emotions and human nature can play a huge role. Sadly as often as this emotive and adrenaline filled environment can produce the drive to get the deal done, it can often be the cause of huge error. Many people, and certainly high stake negotiators, love the feeling of urgency, or ground breaking and the almost volcanic feeling of getting a deal done. However when the adrenaline drives you forward, clarity is lost, and the best tactic to employ is often the less enjoyable but more stable game of slowing down and being patient. Of the many mistakes observed the following key errors can lead to a deal being lost, satisfaction being reduced or worse still the whole relationship being damaged:

Concessions are made, uncontrolled negotiators may give away key aspects of the divisional sum to the point that they actually end up with a deal that is worse than their BATNA, best alternative to a negotiated agreement. A good an experienced negotiator will certainly be able to recognise the urgency in her counterpart’s behaviour and be able to use it to her advantage. The urgency leads to a situation where the time factor or a deadline becomes the main interest, despite how many key interests were identified in the preparatory work. A long drawn out deal, or a high octane environment which continues day and night until the deadline can both lead to a situation where urgency takes over.

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